(a) One ste of drawing instruments in good condition
(b) Uniformity in wearing dresses. (Must be purchased from the Institution)
(c) Working dress in prescribed colour and pattern is a must for each trainee.
(a) Self discipline is of prime importance to any one to succeed, there- fore discipline in the training centre is necessarily strict though kind and paternal.

(b) Admission of students to the center implies compliance with such regulations as may be made from to time by the principal for proper maintenance of order and discipline.
(c) Strict discipline will be maintained, Indiscipline, misconduct or irregularity will render a student liable of fine, suspension or dismissal as warranted by the nature of offense.

(d) Strict regularity politeness courtesy of speech and conduct cleanliness of dress person and places of class and work are expected of all trainees.
(e) Trainees are required to observe strict punctuality in attendance. Absence without leave will be seriously viewed. Trainees who does not least 80% of attendance will not be eligible for attending the examination.

(f) Trainees who are absent for ten consecutive working days without leave and fee defaulters will have their names removed from the rolls. Each student will have to seek re-admission for which permission will have to be obtained from Directorate.
(g) Irregular attendance, idleness, disobedience, disrespect towards teachers, bad moral influence, unsatisfactory conduct in and our of the center justify proper action of the principal against the trainee.
(h) The class rooms and workshop should be kept clean and in order, the tools and instruments in their proper place before leaving the premises. Any damage done to the premises or to the instruments, machine or tools must he paid for.
(i) For any reason a trainee discontinues before he gets his S.S.L.C. book and other testimonials back he will have to pay full amount of the fee for the course.

(j) The signing of the agreement at the time of admission by the parent /guardian will bind this for the fulfillment of the above conditions.
(k) The decision of the Principal of the Institution will be binding and final in all matters.